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Do you remember school physics? This game use some of the electrodynamic laws and exactly Coulomb's law. Actualy not important if you don't remember it...

Change the values of the charges to help Kulonio get to the star! Kulonio can interact with the electromagnetic fields of the charges. The story will begin slowly, but it won't be long. You will discover this strange universe, you will be surviving there. During the game you will be captured by the gravity. At that moment Kulonio's life ceases to be slow. You will be forced to become speedy, but patient too. Are you ready? Let's try it now!

Game also has:

-Quiet atmosphere

-Calm music

-2 endless game modes

-Advanced customisation

Current goals:

1000 players: leaderboards

2000 players: Ingame level editor

5000 players: PVP mode

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